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Easy to use and comprehensive GDPR software, developed by our team of Certified Practitioners

PIMS (Personal Information Management System)

VPM provide the perfect PIMS

Our PIMS system helps provide your business with more control over personal data.

PIMS allow businesses to manage personal data on our secure storage system and share them when and with whom you choose.

Create multiple versions of policies, track the status of each policy and keep record of all edits in our software.

Auto-notify your staff of key changes or updates to policies.

Getting started setup wizard

Configures your portal with the required policies and procedures suitable for your business sector.

Policies and Procedures Templates

Includes more than 80 templates which can be edited to suit your requirements.

Create unlimited policies & procedures

Create your own additional policies & procedures to suit.

Allocate and track GDPR Tasks

Generate tasks for your staff to meet GDPR requirements.

Client Document Library

Access our full client library. Add additional policies when required by your business.


Periodic reviews managed by our system

Our GDPR Software allows user to manage all their GDPR requirements in one system

Records PII processing information, which can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity, such as their name and any other personal information.

DSAR Management

Manage DSAR requests, track progress, suspend DSAR, log activities and allocate internal tasks to staff to meet your DSAR commitments.

Supplier Register

Managed supplier relationships.

Privacy Notice Register

Records privacy notifications.

Breach Register

Records breach information.

Training Register

Records staff training records.

Tools, Reporting & General

Within our Toolkit we have a number of tools and reporting systems to make the journey to compliance smooth and easy.

  • General 

    Compliance Resources -Access to additional resources and services which may be required to achieve compliance

    GDPR Telephone Helpline - Telephone help desk to answer GDPR related questions

    Customer Support- Technical support in relation to the software

    Telephone Customer Support- Technical telephone support in relation to the software

    Free Updates- The software is updated to the meet the latest GDPR requirements

    User Management- Setup and allocate users

    UK Hosting- Hosted securely in a UK data centre

    GDPR Practitioner Support - Access to fully qualified GDPR Practitioners, advice & support

    IT Security Support - Access to IT Security Services, advice & support

  • Tools

    DPO Assessment -Simple to use tool to help determine if you require a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

    12 Steps to Compliance -Starting point to determine the steps required to become compliant

    Data Inventory-Records your PII Data in a central inventory

    Assessment Checklists - More than 10 assessment checklists to track progress

     Gap Analysis - Guided GAP Analysis on your company

    Data Mapping Tool - Maps data flows within your organisation


  • Reporting

    Top Down View to Compliance Provides management with a top down view of your compliance status

    DSAR Report  Generates DSAR Reports

    GAP Analysis Report  Generates GAP Analysis Reports

    Checklist Report  Generates Checklist Reports

    GAP Analysis  Guided GAP Analysis on your company

    PDF & Excel Export  Exports policies and reports as PDF and CSV

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